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News If Bush wants peace, he needs a Palestinian state

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    I am convinced it will make a huge difference to peace in the middle east if president Bush is prepared to roll up his sleeves and get his hands dirty over the establishment of a Palestinian state. He might not love the idea, he might think Israel has privileged status but he really needs to change his approach if he wants to combat Arab mistrust of America.

    The problem is not unsolvable. Put pressure on Israel to accept a Pelstinian state, guarantee Israel's security, put pressure on the Arab world so that the supporters of violence are made to understand that terrorism must end. The Palestinian state needs to be a viable, not some scraps of land of symbolic value only. And Sharon has got to understand that he can't expect unlimited American support if he is going to continue being a bully and a thug.
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    Bush is talking the talk on the issue, but will he walk the walk? Past experience says that when he is speaking about doing good, he is lying for the press. Let's hope he shows some integrity for a change.
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    We shall see. I think he'll try (to do good), but I'm not optomistic he'll succeed.

    N_Quire, I think you've missed a few key recent developments. Arafat is essentially out. That was one of Bush's terms that had to be met before he would deal with the issue. There was an election and he lost. He tried and failed to thwart the transfer of power to his successor. As a result, a few days ago the State Dept published a "road map" for peace in the Middle east. Along with the link on the peace plan (I must admit to not having read all of it) there is a link on the change in leadership.
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    I doubt that. We'll see.
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    Arafat is certainly not essentially out. In fact, he may be the only person who can approach hamas and the more radical groups. The prime minister may be more amenable, but that is useless it no one listens to his orders. I think that's the weak link in the current roadmap.
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