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If I have a mixture of benzoic acid and benzil, and . . .

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    If I have a mixture of benzoic acid and benzil, and I add dichloromethane to it and extract it using sodium hydroxide, the benzoic acid reacts with the sodium hydroxide to form sodium benzoate, but what does the benzil react with. I know that its in the organic layer because it's neutral but does it react with the dichloromethane? and is there a mechanism for it?
    Any help is appreciated.
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    1) We say that benzil is nonpolar, not "neutral"
    (Well, depending on how you define "neutral"; benzil is electrically neutral, but then so is benzoic acid, the other compound)

    2) Adding aqueous NaOH to benzoic acid forms water, not sodium benzoate precipitate

    3) Benzil need not chemically react with dichloromethane to dissolve in it.
    Hence you can extract it after the benzoic acid dissociates into the basic aqueous layer
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