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News If you're going to Sochi, be careful with your toilet paper

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    This is also true in many places in the Middle East and North Africa. Toilet paper tends to clog the narrow sanitary sewer systems in many homes and businesses. A lidded basket is usually provided for the used paper. In the better places, this is emptied several times a day. In other places, . . . .
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    By the way, canny travelers never go out without a few yards of toilet paper folded snugly in a plastic baggie, and kept handy. Very few public toilets in many parts of the world provide free paper. In many of these areas, an old woman will be in the toilet area (yes, the men's too) selling toilet paper by the square!
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    I'd get off cheap as I learned in the Army how to do it with just one sheet. Not kidding.
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    All of this make me think of the wet wipes problem that was in the news last fall.

    http://www.kgw.com/news/Flushable-wipes-causing-sewer-problems-223008781.html [Broken]
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    I know what you are talking about and no one will want to share that sheet. There must be a video of that method.:devil:

    There was once an Air Force regulation that limited the number of sheets to three for men and six for women.!! We ignored it no one was checking.
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    I'm sure there's a video but I value my membership here. o:)
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    I arrived in Iran 45 years ago as a Peace Corps volunteer. Although I became an Electronics and Physics teacher in a vocational school, my own learning experiences began immediately upon arrival. Here are some observations from that experience:

    There was no toilet paper, to my surprise
    Using only water instead of soft double plies
    An efficient system they had managed to devise
    To be perfectly clear, try to visualize
    Using the bathroom tissue you all recognize
    Afterwards the area may draw flies
    Then go out with your friends and socialize
    The suggestion to reexamine our system and perhaps revise
    Is flatly rejected by sedentary ostriches who are quick to criticize
    And embellish their own ignorance while they chastise
    “Disregard all things foreign” they say, “Our American way we idolize”
    And who remain dirty daily because they refuse to open their eyes
    Which one is barbaric, water or paper, is elementary to surmise.

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    It's also true in many public places in China... except you also have to bring your own paper, they usually don't provide free toilet paper.
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