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Ignorance that makes you wish you were dead

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    This is great :rofl:
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    The one "science" guy was citing the reason you see a ship's mast and then the rest of the ship as it approaches from the distance being due to the curvature of the earth I think is incorrect. As I recall, it has to do with the refracting of light near a temperature differential at the ocean's surface.
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    You really believe that temperature differential stuff? I thought everyone know it was because you're only looking at it with the top half of your iris.
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    On one hand, I'm pretty amused that the older man said some pretty absurd things so matter-of-factly, but on the other hand it goes to show how stupid anyone is that speaks based on convictions alone. This includes some that embrace science that accept scientific research as the gospel when it is affected by political climate or anticipation of certain results that cause researchers to espouse a certain interpretation, for example.
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    Same way that you can see "water" on the street on a hot dry day.
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    Some great reactions to this video:

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    I reject your reality and substitute my own!
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    why would i wish myself dead? him maybe but never myself
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    Ha at least I'm not the only person who noticed that. That's like having a cookbook called Food.
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    *Laughing hard*
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    I kept thinking if he only thinks he sees with half his eye, maybe he should take off the bifocals until he gets the prescription adjusted better.

    Yes, I was laughing at the "Science" book too.

    Does anyone know the native language in the video to verify if the subtitles are accurate? There seemed to be a lot more words spoken than words in subtitles, but it could have just been the way the language is spoken. Or, it could have been a spoof of some sort. It just seemed so outrageous, that I was wondering if it was some sort of joke/prank type show even. Maybe they set up a professional in a field under the guise of a debate, and then have an actor being so outlandish to see the professional's reaction. Afterall, he may have been lured in under the impression he was going to be interviewed to promote his new elementary school level textbook on Science. (I hope folks can understand I'm sometimes skeptical of YouTube content as a reliable source of translations of TV content. :wink:)
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    The Physicists was shot and killed the next day for speaking against the Koran.
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    I love the way the guy used the function of his bifocals as an indirect way to explain the flatness of the earth. That takes some real 'on the spot' creativity. I got a kick out of that. It reminds me of children who cover their faces and think you can't see them, or the time someone told me that Roy G. Biv invented the rainbow, or the time I said a bowling ball could float if it was hollowed out and lead was used to substitute the missing weight.

    The ignorance is kind of funny, but what is disturbing is the absolute conviction that it can be carried with. I don't know anyone who hasn't said something ridiculous at one point or another in their lives. What is sad is when we can't learn from our mistakes. Fundamentalism of any sort seems to be a bad idea.

    As for the video, I would bet it is the real deal. The flailing gesticulations alone make me suspect that the guy has absolute conviction in his ideas. More importantly, I doubt that Iraqi TV would poke fun at any passage in the Quran. If it is a joke then it is something someone patched together independently and posted on youtube.

    edit - did anyone else notice the science guy refering to evidence gained from spaceships, satellites and shuttles? If spaceships isn't referring to sattelites and shuttles, then what other kind of spaceships is he collecting data from?
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    I sent this over to a arabic friend who said it is a true translation.
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    It's from http://www.memritv.org/", their translations are usually accurate.
    Another story befitting the title (alas, no video): http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/956334.html" [Broken]
    This happened after the Attorney General gave the go-ahead to same-sex couples' adoption requests.
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    On the other hand this could be useful.
    The USA is trying to develop an earthquake bomb for use against deep underground bunkers. If the IDF could just arrange a carefully positoned phased array of choreographers/hairdressers then with a carefully timed order they could project an earthquake at a chosen target.
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    Really sad then. I was really kind of hoping someone had just put in fake subtitles.
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    I am scared. I imagine that there is going to be a Dark Age 2.0 soon.
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    :confused: what are you trying to say about hairdressers and choreographers?
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