I'm bored so

  1. Ask me absolutely any question about anything you like (me?) you would like to know the answer to and I'll tell you the best of my abilities!
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    What's the meaning of turtle necks?
  4. I would have to say the neck of the clothing garment that covers the neck with a thick and folded-looking extension of the material. I don't really get your question either
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    What is it for. Why do people wear it. What does it tell us about the space-time continuum
  6. Clearly it shows that the discontinuities in the spaceitme continuity can be modeled by the frequency of wearing a turtle neck sweater during the winter, however these models can not be taken seriously until this research is completed and taken with regards to other analogous research.

    I believe that the urge to wear such garments is fueled by a metaphysical urge by the subconscious' connection to the universe's fundamental governing system, and the subconscious' overwhelming ability to overcome conscious desires to avoid such a silly design.
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    So was Einstein right to say the Energy given off by a turtleneck wearer was...

    [tex]\Delta E = \sqrt[3]{{f_t h^2 }}[/tex]

    When the turtleneck wearer is at ground state of course.
  8. It depends on the defining of the term Planck's constant, because its been debated recently that there was a typo in his original paper where he neglected to use h-bar, which is an alternate constant used often with regards to this form of work. If you meant h bar then that is the correct interpretation, but the most interesting effects of this phenomenon are not observed in energy analysis but rather, as you said, in spacetime shifts within the users local gravitational field.
  9. Come on guys any real questions??? :tongue: :surprise
  10. i am not a scientist...i see the *moment to *moment impermanence.

    There is apparent permanence also.

    How do YOU explain THAT?
  11. I have no freaking clue what you just said
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    What's the best thing to do when you're bored to death?
  13. You wouldn't believe it.
  14. i thought You
    were a scientist.
  15. Suicide.

    whozum, what is x if x+y=(pi)98^2? You figure that out while I take a nap.
  16. Why is it that the morbidly obese heifer insists on parking next to me, opening her car door into mine, and resting it there while she hoists her pale carcas up and out of her vehicle while her car door scratches ANOTHER wonderful Picaso into the side of mine? There are no other cars in the damn garage so she can easily park one up to allow her blubber ample room to exit. I have no recourse now but to leave work at lunch and open my passenger door several times to remove "something". I wish I had a Jetson car.
  17. is that just a function of y? then x= -y + pi(98^2) which is just a line with a negative slope and an X intercept of pi(98^2). pretty uninteresting actually.
  18. the answer is NOTHING

    Boredom is not a feature of silence.
  19. Evo

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    :rofl: morbidly obese heifer :rofl:
  20. Molder.
    Extra text added to satisfy a curious criterion.
  21. Whatever you want it to be.
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