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I'm changing all of my pin #'s to 8068!

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    How bad are people at picking pin numbers? This article tells you how bad.

    But then again, just looking at the picture of the two guys that thought the ATM was a urinal tells you how smart some people are.

    8068 is the least popular pin number, so surely it has to be the best pin number, right?

    For ten-digit pin numbers 3141592654 only finished 17th?! For crying out loud, who wouldn't pick 3141592654 as their pin number?! That should be #2. (2718281828 should be #1 - who in the world would guess that number?)

    I think the best system is to pick a number, and pick each subsequent number by mirroring a legal move by a knight in chess that doesn't result in winding up back at the previous number. Surely that has to be impervious, right?

    Or would I be better off picking each subsequent number by using a legal move in Chutes and Ladders?
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    Interesting article. My pin on the heat map is a little brighter than I would like. :uhh:
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    My pins and passwords are generally random and I remember them more by the movement of fingers than actually memorizing them. First time I had random password was because school IT administrator provided me a random password for my account and I was too lazy to change it.
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    I use patterns, too. Problem is, some keypads are like this:

    http://www.keypadletters.com/uploads/1/4/3/7/1437708/4025361.png [Broken]

    And some are like this:

    http://www.diycalculator.com/imgs/hist-10-key-keypad.jpg [Broken]

    It's tough to translate a pattern quickly between these two types!
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    I always use triangles. :biggrin:

    ..... Okay I take that back. '-_-

    PS. Bob, I believe I don't live far away from your place.. How many debit/credit cards do you have? :tongue2:
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