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IMMEDIATE weight loss after birth

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    In a similar vein to the weight of flying birds in a sealed van etc.

    Let's say a woman weighs exactly 10 stones 7 pounds on the morning she is due to give birth. She starts to dilate etc. and heads to hospital. She gives birth to a beautiful baby girl weighing in at exactly 7 pounds. Seconds after doing so the woman leaps off the bed and weighs herself again. Will she weight 10 stones or 10 stones 7 pounds - and why?

    Obviously if she now only weighs 10 stones I can work that one out!

    This is causing much heated debate in our household so your insight would be appreciated (unless I'm proved wrong)


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    Hi Stephen

    She will weigh 10 stones for the same reason that a ten stone woman with a seven pound brick will weigh 10 stones after she drops the brick.
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    I weighed 142 pounds when I gave birth, I weighed myself after I gave birth, still weighed 142 pounds. The doctor said it was due to extreme water retention and the added breast milk.

    The amount a woman that just gave birth can expect to lose.


    Don't be surprised if your actual weight loss is not as large.
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    Well that's annoying!! I was rather hoping that like the birds in the van, the weight would remain constant!

    Thank you....
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