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Impulse and Force

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    Is it enough to know the momentums of the balls (and the angle) to determine what force they exert on each other when they collide?

    I know F delta t = m delta v but how can I know the time?

    Please help.
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    You can't!

    Your question seems very lacking in detail...
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    I mean isn't there a way that I can know the force they exert on each other without knowing the time they thouch each other?

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    In a word, no.
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    But there must be a way to calculate their velocities after the collision.
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    Yes, of course there is. That WASN'T your question before.
    You may be thinking that since you know change in speed you must be able to find the force.

    That's not correct. If you knew acceleration you would able to find the force but knowing what acceleration causes the change in force would require that you know the time in which the change takes place.
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    Ok thanks.
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