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Homework Help: In order for two objects to have the same temperature

  1. Mar 15, 2010 #1
    1. In order for two objects to have the same temperature, they must _____

    a- be in thermal contact with each other
    b-have all these qualities, except for thermal equilibrium
    c- have all of these properties
    d- have the same relative "hotness" or "coldness" when touched
    e- be in thermal equilibrium

    2. My guess is e but want to be sure.

    3. a is not correct because of radiation i guess b and c don't sound right and for d some metals can be same temperature but because of conductivity one might feel hotter or colder
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    I've no Idea what the qualities or properties mentioned in answers b and c are.
    a is wrong, because of the existence of thermometers, melting ice, radiative equilibrium and also dumb luck. d is also wrong for the reason you mentioned, and e is correct.
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    i think so too b and c dont make sense:S a and d are definetaly wrong so e is the choice to go then for sure right?
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