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In search of a Unique Chemical

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    Hello all,

    I am an undergraduate working on a project for water purification in search of a water soluble compound (organic/inorganic salt, gas), preferably of low molecular weight, which can attain solubility of more than 3 Molar at Room Temperature and Pressure (Temp can be more or less, pressure shouldn't) and still be precipitated or degassed to upto 99% by a physical process such as heating(or the like) Alternatively, the process can be the addition of any chemical X which shall precipitate with the compound, and by a physical process, be retained and recirculated. Basically a temporary salt, and a process of its easy removal.

    Could you please help me out? Been at it for an year now...

    We start with pure water, we need to end up with pure water. Any such process, chemical, catalyst, precipitating agent in mind?
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    De-salination. Just use NaCl and do a Distalation.
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    want it to be a cheap process, imagine doing this to a huge plant processing thousands of gallons of water everyday...distillation cant be commercialized...
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