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Including files into an executable at compile/link time

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    I have a program that opens a very large .txt data file. This data file remains unchanged, but is always required to run the program. What I want to do is include this .txt into the .exe so that when I distribute the program I don't need to distribute two files, but only one instead.

    I'm using Visual C++ with MS Visual Studio 2005. I've played around with some of the resources, but to no avail. I tried adding it as an HTML resource and then loading the resource, but the pointer to this resource apparently is invalid whether I treat it as a string of character bytes or as a file pointer.

    Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
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    You should be able to make it a large statically initialized char* and stick it in your program.


    Code (Text):

    char* file = "stuff that's in the file";
    - Warren
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