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Incredible dust storm in AZ

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    Did this affect any of our members?

    http://www.weather.com/outlook/videos/time-lapse-amazing-phoenix-dust-storm-21209 [Broken]
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    Holy crap, it looks like a massive warhead went off, that is truly freaky... Does anyone have a good scientific explanation, wind currents, etc ?

    Rhody... :eek:
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    Cool looking, I was in a sand storm in the middle east many years ago. It was not fun.
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    When I was taking Basic Training at Ft. Bliss, I wondered "why did they issued goggles". One day I saw what looked a wall cloud coming and expected rain. No; it was goggle time.

    I fell sorry for the folks in the path of a dust(or sand) storm.
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    That is one of the most incredible weather-type things I've seen in a very long time.
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    Has anyone seen any aerial/space images for this? I've done a few quick searches and can't find any :(
    My sister was at New Mexico State (nearish to White Sands) when a dust storm rolled through there several years ago and I remember following it on sat images.
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    It just happened again...


    Rhody... :yuck:
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