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Infinite small

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    Just talking with a friend of mine and we had the discussion about if there would be a particle that would be the smallest piece there is. SOrt of a building block from which you can make everything else. Hence the fact that if there would be smaller pieces you wouldn't be able to make them. Anyway, I thought that there is more truth in the fact that there is something as infinite smallness. There will always be something inside the thing you'll measure. That's why you can measure it. There is something outside the piece and inside it. I think that, in a way, for us, the way we are living it would not even stand in our way that there is something like infinite smallness. I think that we will still be able to find a building block for us to make everything like what we see now in our daily lives. Okay, this is maybe a bit off-topic.
    Anyway, i am not new in these kind of thoughts but I am new to posting these thoughts on the internet. There is probably already a lot written about a subject like this but can people please share their thought with me about this matter?
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    Welcome to PF Kaa !
    In this Nuclei & particles section, you can find [thread=43685]this[/thread].
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    in answer to k,to support your statement as we comprehend the infinity of largeness we our selves become smaller the particle within the particle as you say
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    It seems to me more of a math question, anyway :D. Cavalieri call the concept "atom".
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    surf, you should note that kaa posted his question more than five and a half years ago. Furthermore, it's the only post he ever made here ("Posts: 1") so it's hightly unlikely that he is still here to see your answer.
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