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Inspired by the nutcase thread

  1. Nov 24, 2003 #1
    Well the nutcase thread inspired me to post a very brief and rather dry essay I had to write once for a TOK class. It examines the possibilities of determining whether a claim is pseudoscience or real science. I uploaded the .txt version of it.

    And on second thought since it is short enough, I'll just insert it.

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    One tendency I have noticed in psuedoscientifc argument, is the us of a psuedoscientific language. Normally scientific language is a shorthand where certain words have precise defintions and used in odrer to make something clearer and more concise, in pseudoscientic language these words or invented superficially simlair words are used for the exact in exactly the opposite way in order to obscure a weak argument.
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    I presume your analysis doesn't target sciences like biology.
    And do you consider pure logic as mathematics?
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    You presumed correctly. Part of the way the assignment was handed out was it was to deal with mainly physics and the like. And as I stated it is just a short short thing.
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