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Homework Help: Integration of 1/x^2 sqrt(16-x) with substitution

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    my question is integra 1 / x^2 sqr root(16-x^2)
    i use x = 4 sin y
    then i got to integrate 1/16 times [1/(sin y)^2] in which i got stuck.pls help.....how do i continue from there as i not sure ow to integra 1/(siny^2
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    [itex]\frac{1}{sin^2y}= csc^2y[/itex]- you should know the integral for that. What is the derivative of cot y?

    (Sorry- I had left out a "}")
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    Since I can't see Halls' Latex image, he was saying that [tex]\int \csc^2(y)dy[/tex] is very simple, noting that what the derivative of cot(y) is.
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    Ivy's image is: [tex]\frac{1}{sin^2y}= csc^2y[/tex]
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