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Intellectual Life

  1. Jul 19, 2005 #1
    I know I'm certainly not the most intelligent person on these forums, and I'm thankful for that; however, I'm experiencing in my life, once again, a realization of the price I pay for being intelligent. I enjoy debating, and, unfortunately, I offend people when I do so because I often present my ideas in a haughty manner. However, this is because some things are easy issues to deal with. I mean, I've been viewing forums lately where people think being against gay marriage is as legitimate as being against racism. Personally, I used to have three forums I enjoyed posting at, but then I had only two. However, I've lost interest in one because it lacks intellectual stimulation (not this one). I guess, although I like debating, perhaps I'm just looking for people to agree with me; however, I don't think that's the case. I want left-wing people logical enough to discuss issues that other people can't. I mean, a certain amount of common ground has to exist to have an enjoyable debate, in my opinion. This is the only forum that I've debated and had my mind changed on an issue.

    Basically, I'm not sure what to do with my life, and I'm looking for suggestions. I read, but that gets boring after awhile, and I live in a small town so intellectual stimulation is lacking. And there is something about face-to-face contact that is better than the Internet. However, as I'm trying to overcome depression, I want to solve some problems that I deal with and have always dealed with in some manner or another. So, suggestions? I can be alone more than I used to be - should I continue this path and become dependent to the point that I don't need intellectual stimulation in person or is that even possible?

    Bah, I guess I'm just bored and frustrated and looking for a place to rant. I'll accept any kind of response, but I'd prefer advice. Thanks a lot, and, even though my knowledge and skill in physics is mediocre at best, these forums are a great place to hang out and confirm that there are people in this world with intelligence.
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    Yes, indeed there are some really wonderful people here.
    Small towns are really ruff to live in at your age. I can imagine the internet makes a world of difference for you. But sometimes you half to force yourself into doing new and different things.
    You live in such a beautiful area of Canadia, loaded with minerals and fossils and even GOLD, great hiking trails, and tons of history. If I were your age, I would look into groups that do things outdoors in your area.
    Do you live far from the university?

    ps... you half to make things happen for yourself.
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    I've spent the last several years learning solely from books, the internet, other media, and written discussions. At first, I thought written discussions couldn't replace face-to-face discussions and books couldn't replace teachers. But I have adapted and gotten along better than I ever expected. So you needn't give up on those yet. If you're looking for other people to stimulate you, why can't you find people in books? (They are certainly there.) How much of a person do you think is contained in a spontaneous conversation vs. a planned book?
    Of course, live people are nice too. ;) I actually prefer less physical contact when it comes to strictly educational relationships; There's less opportunity for 'complications' to develop. But if you're looking for people in your area who share your interests, you can check out the relevant departments at your local college(s). They usually have clubs and such that are open to everyone. Or why not advertise? You can throw a party (party, in the general sense). Just print up some posters to attract the kinds of people you want and pass them out or tack them up around town. It could be a great way to meet new people you never knew were there.

    Is it that you want to rely more on others for stimulation until your symptoms improve? Is there any solitary activity that you really enjoy or think you would enjoy but haven't tried yet? Maybe something creative, artistic? Having something physical to show for your work might help.

    Eh, I'm not sure I'm even addressing any of the things you mentioned. :redface:
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    I always fire up debates (face to face ones) but most people have hard time accepting what u r saying, cause they beleive that u r trying to force an idea of ur own, not supposing that they can have another one and talk it in a debate...That makes them feel lower than u r, cause u r expressing freely ur thoughts through ur own view of life, while they merely say words like this bad , this is good, but for the other part, it works well ...I enjoyed many face to face debates, of course more than written ones, cause when i'm writing i sometimes get distracted and repeat what i'm saying and i never read what i wrote again, but when u r debating someone face to face, u r always gettin to ur point, cause the others keep u on alert..
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    Yeah I find it's tough being a genius sometimes...
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    Go build stuff

    Building things is a nice excercise for your problem solving skills :)
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    :rolleyes: Logical left wing people ? :rofl: That is a contradictio in terminis, mr lefty
    What exactly do you mean by that ? This strikes me as a very 'communist-like' argument.

    I really do not understand how people your age can be bored. i mean, when i was your age i studied Visual Basic and Italian in evening classes, next to high school ofcourse. I listened to opera as much as i could and i memorized the libretti. I also programmed little data bases for several people, like my for my own mother's work, she still uses it after 8 years. And then there are the occasional adventures with friends :) I really had too few hours in a day...

    Do not ask for suggestions and make your own way in life. There must be something that yo are interested in given your 'level of intelligence'

    well, perhaps you are not getting the point...

    why are you depressed ? There are a lot of people that have to deal with much bigger difficulties every day, so you really have no reason to act like this.

    Quit puberty, get real and get your act together...Remember that nobody is waiting for you to explore your own 'intelligence' and beware that you are not OVERestimating yourself...this is a common disease of our time...

    based upon which criterium do you make this assessment ?

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    haha yah i dont get that one part. Having even ground usually means theres little to not debate possible. You don't go off and debate someone about abortion issues if you are both anti-abortion just like you wouldnt debate national defense if you and your fellow debater are anti-military. You need to determine if what your actually looking for is someone to debate with or someone who shares your views on life.
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    Where I live there are no universities that are within an hour; however, there is a community college. I want to find social activities to do so I won't be bored; as can be expecting with depression, I find many things I used to like boring so, as a result, I am just looking for time killing activities that distract me from things that I find depressing. I try to strike up debates with people, but I often have the problems you mentioned, Nomy.

    I view left-wing socially rather than economically. I have no problem debating capitalism and economic policies. If a person debates correctly, they can make excellent arguments for capitalism, socialism, and even communism. Communism spawned many great ideas and contains a lot of wisdom - an argument can be communist in nature without be incorrect. However, I will elaborate on what I meant. Let's say, for example, I want to talk about whether Strong Atheism is a legitimate religious belief. Asking an Agnostic would result in an interesting discussion; however, it would be difficult to debate such an issue with a Strong Theist. For example, society itself requires language as a common ground before anything can be debated. Once you learn the discourse, you can debate; however, certain ideologies have deeper issues that require an understanding of fundamental concepts before they more complex issues can be addressed.

    I might not be getting the point, but the larger issue is what is the point of life? You can argue that life is worth living but you can argue equally that it is pointless. Therefore, because no meaning of life can be substantiated with 100% certainity, one can assume, until proven otherwise, there is no meaning. As a result, there is no reason to really care about anything at all.

    I don't believe I'm overestimating my intelligence because I don't believe it to be extremely high. However, it only takes a slightly above average intelligence and an eccentric personality to make someone become isolated from a large group of people. A lot of people are going through tougher times than me; however, if I knew them, I might care. Knowing other people are worse off than me doesn't really affect how I feel.

    Also, I guess I wasn't specific enough. I'm talking about depression (the medical condition) and not typical teen angst, though I do have this as well.

    Some people have intelligence because the definition of intelligence reveals so - everyone has intelligence. Obviously, I was using the statement in a different way, and I believe, in that way, that some people have intelligence because they can conclude answers to problems correctly and efficiently. I don't know if you're patronizing me or asking that question legitmately.
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    You show wisdom in recognizing my obvious superiority.
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    He's depressed, hes obviously not thinking straight :rofl: :rofl:
  13. Jul 20, 2005 #12

    Ivan Seeking

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    Why? Did you like it that much or did you have other motives.
  14. Jul 21, 2005 #13
    I liked it that much that i wanted to know exactly what the opera is about and i wanted to be able to 'sing' these arias (not the recitatives ofcourse) , just like a hughe Stones fan can sing Angie or satisfaction. That is all. Don't forget that most of the opera's that are now considered to be 'of high elite standard' were written for the ordinary people of that day and age (Mozart's Zauberflöte being the best example, or Verdi's Rigoletto, Bizet's Carmen) and they were able to recite most of the tunes. I started studying Italian in evening classes just for that reason of being able to understand opera, ofcourse i really like that language. Here in Belgium you learn English, French and some German in high school. Another lagnuage needs to be learned at own initiative. As a matter of fact i would really like to learn Latin (i studied it a bit in high school) up to a very profound level because i am really interested in the old Roman history and the Catholic Church. i know, most of you will find it sick but it really is my interest...Just look at my signature :wink:

  15. Jul 21, 2005 #14
    It's better to discuss issues with anyone logical enough to discuss them, left or right.

    Dip a toe into Lake Reason and find some right-leaning folks like me to
    discuss issues with. We try not to bite first. o:)
  16. Jul 21, 2005 #15


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    Yes, i think this is another sign that he is looken for someone to agree with instead of someone to argue with... although when you argue with someone with different beliefs, it usually becomes pointless. I suppose its easier to actually convince someone to change their way of thinking if you have common ground in hte first place.

    I say if your looken for people to debate with simply to know everything you can about something, expand to left, right, up, down, backwards, martians, marshmellows, etc. If you just want to convince someone of your views on life, go for even-ish ground.
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