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Interaction tetween two waves soliton

  1. Mar 30, 2013 #1
    Hello if i have two waves soliton [tex]y=A \sech^2 (k(x \pm ct))[/tex], both solution of KdV differential equation

    how i find a equation for the interaction between the right and left waves [tex] \pm c [/tex]

    i think on supperposition waves, [tex]y=A \sech^2 (k(x + ct))+B \sech^2 (k(x - ct))[/tex], but i dont understand if the superposition represent to the interaction between both waves.
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    Simon Bridge

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    Hang on - let me tidy thatup for you...
    Great - now, what sort of interaction did you have in mind?
    For simple displacement - i.e. these are water waves - then the two waves would produce the superposition ##y=A \sech^2 (k(x + ct))+A \sech^2 (k(x - ct))##. But I suspect these equations are for the envelope for the soliton.

    Perhaps you are doing an exercize in nonlinear superposition?
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