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Interesting theroy.

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    There is a theroy that universes "reporduce" through black holes, and that part of the criteria that requires this also by coinsidence produces conditions that make life possable.

    Discussion questions: What happens if two blackholes merge?
    If intellegent life creats many tiny black holes in particle accelorators, than universes would evolve to support life, is that probable?
    Does the universe have net angular momentum, most black holes do?
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    You get a bigger black hole and a lot of gravitational radiation.

    Until we can verify that such things even exist and that black holes actually do spawn new universes, that question is unanswerable.

    As best we can measure right now, it doesn't.
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    The theory you are referring to is known as Cosmic Natural Selection and is most notably associated with professor Smolin, whose more mainstream work concerns loop quantum gravity.
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    Even if u manage to create artificially a micro mass black hole using accelerators in the future, u wont notice its pico second presence before it evaporates..
    With the LHC(CERN) slated to be in place in 2007, ull witness some of the most interesting particle discoveries ever! and confirmation of super-symmetry theory would be one of them..
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    Unless what we call gravity is "really" angular momentum.
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