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Intermediate Mechanics and Intermediate Electricity & Magnetism

  1. Apr 9, 2014 #1
    So I took honors level introductory physics courses my first year. Here are the descriptions.

    I did worse in the second course than the first. This coming year I will be taking intermediate level courses for these topics. The difference is that I will have both Intermediate Mechanics I and Intermediate Electricity and Magnetism I (parts II will be in the spring semester next year) in the same semester (also Thermal Physics I - which both parts I & II are comparable to a graduate level Thermodynamics course, according to the professor.)

    Here are the course descriptions of these three courses:

    Right now we are taking Mathematical Methods for Physicists, getting used to other coordinate systems, vector calculus, fourier series, etc.

    From looking at the course content and so on, it seems as if we are applying all the math we learned in Math Methods to these topics, and extending our knowledge. Should these courses be pretty easy then, if my knowledge of introductory mechanics, electricity/magnetism, and math methods is pretty decent? Or should I expect something difficult. I'm just worried that it might be too much, but they're all required courses and I can only really take them this next semester.

    Here are the math and physics courses I've taken so far: Intro Mechanics, Intro Electricity & Mag, Modern Physics, Intro Quantum Mechanics, Calc 1-3 (3 being multivariable calculus), Diff Eqs for Physicists, Intro Linear Algebra, Math Methods for Physics, and Electronics Lab(although I dropped it half way, and will take it later.)
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  3. Apr 11, 2014 #2
    This can mean a lot of things. How exactly did you do in the two courses?
  4. Apr 11, 2014 #3
    B (almost an A) in the first course, and a C in the second course. I had a lot of trouble with our programming assignments in the second course, and they were worth a considerable portion of the grade. We also did the differential forms of Maxwell's Equations, and I had trouble with the vector calculus involved, since I hadn't taken even 3D Calculus by that time. Now I'm pretty solid after both 3D Calculus and Mathematical Methods for Physicists covered the mathematics behind Maxwell's Equations. I took the tests for the non-honors courses, just to see how both classes compared, and I didn't get less than an A on any of them (6 exams and 2 final exams total.) I had my professor grade them for me, so that it was neutral and accurate.

    I expect to get a B in Math Methods and an A in Introductory Quantum Physics this semester, my study habits have improved considerably since freshman year, and I was able to close the knowledge gap that I had between high school and my private university.
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