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Intermolecular attractions and Wave propagation

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    I can't proceed imagining the matter after this point...

    For a propagating wave:

    The medium particle gains energy to move.. Question 1: what makes the particle to move up or down, what is the force acting upon it. The wave sinusoidal pattern shape that travels across the medium particles is energy.. the energy distribution that makes the shape of propagation.. what is it??

    Question two.. the particle moves up or down, due to some intermolecular attraction, the neighbouring particles move similarly.. what is that intermolecular force???

    thanx in advance
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    I'm having a difficult time describing the wave itself, but intermolecular forces are forces between molecules that cause them to attract or repel each other. There are several different forces, such as the hydrogen bonds between the molecules in water, and the Van Der Waals force.
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    How about describing the wave itself? where can I fing some useful (understandable :) ) Materials explaining this matter?
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