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Job Skills Interview help (internship)

  1. Apr 10, 2010 #1
    I have a phone interview this monday the 12th coming up and im extremely nervous.

    This is the job description:
    This summer intern will assist the Extrusion Engineering group with:
    -Evaluation extrusion tooling maintenance, storage, and control.
    - Support extrusion validation requirements (data collection, analysis, and reporting.

    It is with the senior manufacturing engineer. I am a mechanical engineer with a biology minor and my school does have a strong emphasis on industry and manufacturing. So I feel like im already at a disadvantage if they are interviewing manufacturing engineers. I feel confident I know enough to do the job or I am an adaptable and a quick learning person so anything I don't know I can learn, would be interested in learning, and would learn it during non-work hours.

    I am nervous because I already had one interview where I did the general phone interview with an hr person and it was just general questions I did fine there and went onto the next one. Then I thought the interview went well but didn't get the position. Thinking back on it I found some thins that probably screwed me over as being a candidate. Not big things but I can see how they looked bad if another applicant didn't do or say them.

    How should I prepare for this? Ive already gone over all of the material I learned in my manufacturing processes class and unfortunately the next manufacturing class I have is next fall....

    What kind of questions should I ask him and how many?
    I was thinking of things like:

    What kind of extrusion is this (materials involved etc.)?
    Who I be reporting to/working under?
    What do you like about working for (company)?

    This job is in the specific area I think would like to get into (Biomedical Engineering) and go to grad school for so it would be a really big help in both deciding what I want to get into and getting my foot in the door... So I am even more nervous about it, because of all the med device companies ive applied to this is the first interview I have gotten in that area...
    How can I calm myself so I come off as confident in my abilities as opposed to nervous and insecure?

    Thanks for any help anyone is able to offer I really appreciate it.
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    Ask what is the daily work route like ?
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