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Introductory Quantum Physics/Mechanics Homework Help

  1. Sep 21, 2013 #1
    Hi everyone. In my class we are now learning about Quantum theory & the whole "shananigans". Yesterday we talked about orbitals (s, p, d, f, g). In one of the classes my Physics teacher said that the letter "l" (lowercase L) indicates the sub-shell and "m (sub) l" the location of the orbits in outer space.

    I get the m (sub) l, but I don't know what the "l" is. What does he mean by the sub-shell?

    From now on, if it's alright with the Admin on here, I will be posting all my questions in this thread, instead of starting a new one each time (hence, the thread title). Thank you.
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    Simon Bridge

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    There are several different ways that an electron can have a particular kinetic energy state.
    These ways are represented by the "l" quantum number. Off the units, the l number is associated with orbital angular momentum.

    "shell" is the chemistry term for an energy level.
    electrons in the same shell, but with different angular momentum, are said to be in different "sub-shells".

    It is generally unhelpful to ask all your questions in a single thread - it means that your question is unlikely to find the right people to answer it. It is considered "best practice" to post separate questions in separate threads.
    It is also a good idea to return to questions which have been answered to give feedback on the answers received.
    Please review the rules of the forum and online netiquette guides.
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    Astronomer1, sorry, but a new thread needs to be started for each new problem. This will avoid confusion for the members that are willing to help as well as get more people to see each new problem. If you keep adding new problems to the same thread, members are likely to think it's the same old problem and not even bother looking.

    In other words. NO.

    Be sure that you use the template that is provided with each new thread and that all three sections are filled out, especially the last part where you must show everything you have already done to solve the problem yourself, without this members cannot tell what you have already tried and where you are running into problems.

    Also, please do not use special font sizes or colors.
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