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Introductory textbook

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    Hey all, I'm looking for a good introductory biology textbook at the highschool level. I never took biology in highschool, so I need something that is very introductory, but at the same time a good book so that I'll be well prepared for biology courses in college.
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    Campbell's Biology
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    Nope, i disagreed. The book you mentioned is a university level textbook (maybe 1st & 2nd year). We used local books for bio at high school, so i can't recommend anything.
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    I'm in a similar situation as you. I never studied biology OR chemistry in HS. I found THE best book on introductory chemistry and it just so happens that it's part of a larger series which covers biology as well:


    I don't know if their biology book is as good as their book on chemistry but it's worth a shot.
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