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Inverse Cubed Force

  1. Nov 14, 2015 #1
    Question: A body of mass m is moving in a repulsive inverse cubed force given by
    F = K/r^3 where K > 0​
    show the path r(θ) of the body given by
    1/r = A cos[β(θ-θο)]
    Find the values of constants A and β in terms of E, L.

    Work done so far:
    we did a similar problem with inverse square so I am attempting to modify that for use with cubes

    so far I have
    F = K/r^2+K/r^3
    V(r) = ∫ F(r)dr
    V(r) = K/r + K/2r^2
    dr/dθ = r^2/L√[2u(E-L^2/2ur^2-K/r - K/2r^2)]

    distributing and moving L
    dθ=dr/r^2 1/√[2uE/L^2 - 1/r^2 - uK/L^2r^2 - 2uK/L^2r]^-½
    substituting 1/r for ω and dr/r^2 for dω
    dθ=dω1/√[2uE/L^2 - ω^2 - uKω^2/L^2 - 2uKω/L^2]^-½
    from here our professor wants us to reduce this to dθ=dω/√(a^2+x^2) so we can use trig sub we are running into issues and dont really know how to move forward. any help would be useful.

    Thank you in advance
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  3. Nov 14, 2015 #2
    Your question says that the force is inverse cube. In your work, you have two forces, an inverse square, + an inverse cube. Why did you do that?
  4. Nov 14, 2015 #3
    I was trying to apply Newton's theorem of revolving orbits and I believe I just went completely off from where I should have been heading
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    The inverse square term should not be there.
  6. Nov 14, 2015 #5
    ok so without that it becomes

    F = K/r^3
    V(r) = ∫ F(r)dr
    V(r) = K/2r^2
    dr/dθ = r^2/L√[2u(E-L^2/2ur^2- K/2r^2)]

    distributing and moving L​
    dθ=dr/r^2 1/√[2uE/L^2 - 1/r^2 - uK/L^2r^2]^-½

    substituting 1/r for ω and dr/r^2 for dω
    dθ=dω1/√[2uE/L^2 - ω^2 - uKω^2/L^2]^-½
    dθ=dω1/√[2uE/L^2 - (1+ uK/L^2)ω^2]^-½
    I still do not where to go from here however

    again thank you for any help provided
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