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Investigating photoelectric effect and electron transfer

  1. Apr 1, 2009 #1
    Hey I'm doing a 2 part project. The first part is the photoelectric effect, which I need some help on. I need a foil of metal (like aluminum foil but less of a work function) and a source of energy waves (UV or violet light probably). I need the combo of light source to generate a photoelectric effect. I'm sure you all know the formula, K = hf - Wf where f is frequency, h is plancks constant and Wf is the work function. So if you can lead me to those things or gce suggestions that would be great. Affordability is critial and I don't want to spend more then 150 on this project. Also, I don't want the light to be to energyful for safety reasons because I don't want cancer

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