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Is a condition of no freedom a possibility ?

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    Is a condition of "no freedom" a possibility ?

    Is it an option that life can be controlled in such a way that there is no freedom left ?

    Eventually, how can this control be performed ?

    Will it be neeccessary at all to control anything to establish this condition of "no freedom left" or could this condition be there as a, astablished default.

    If a condition of "no freedom left" could be established, should or could then those individuals living under the condition "no freedom left" be hold responsible for their life and what they are doing ?

    If a condition of total control culd be established, so there would be no criminality and no bad things to happen, will this be a good thing for the society ?
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    No Freedom

    The one way I can think of causing people to have no freedom would be knowing the future of these people. You would know exactly what they are going to do, and they would, of course, do whatever you know they are going to do. This is the problem with the idea of an omnipotent God - if God knew the future, then nobody would really have any free will. However, as knowing the future is impossible, this wouldn't have any application in real life.:smile:
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    If there is a will, then there is a way.
    There is a freewill, then that freewill is free.
    If the way is free, then there is a freeway.
    If there is a freeway, there is a freewill.

    There, I found it...
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