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Other Is "Conquering the Physics GRE" book worth my time/money?

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    Upon my path towards studying for the physics GRE, the only book that I've had recommended is "Conquering the Physics GRE" located here: https://www.amazon.com/Conquering-Physics-GRE-Yoni-Kahn/dp/1479274631

    The book is not too expensive, which is nice ($46.00).

    However, I'm not entirely sure that it is worth the time/money.

    Does anyone have suggestions on this? Either I will purchase this book and primarily use it to study for the Physics GRE, or I will simply use the vast amount of resources available online (prior GRE tests, etc.).
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    Use the book as a base for organizing your studies and learning how the GRE is structured. Also consider using Schaum's Outlines for more varied problems. GRE's are limited in the kinds of problems they can present and so its also good to know some GRE test taking strategies.

    Your book didn't get glowing reviews (2/3 gave it five stars and the other 1/3 didn't) and one reviewer said the Schaums 3000 questions worked out better for him:


    The new GRE tests are progressive meaning they hit you with harder and harder problems until you make a mistake and then backtrap one level and try again eventually zeroing on your score. The idea is to hit your with less questions to find your level of understanding. This should be described in any books you may get on the GRE.

    EDIT: According to the wikipedia article the test changed to section by section adaptive questioning since 2011 so be aware any book you use should be printed after that time to more accurately describe the test and strategies to use.


    and this one on the contents of the Physics GRE:

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