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Is having Circuits 2 a corequisite for Signals and Systems viable?

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    Hello all, I am currently studying as an EE and realized I messed up something with my career path. I am not sure if it possible to get an internship at a company for primarily DSP if you haven't taken a DSP class? If not, things could be mended if it were possible to take circuits 2 alongside signals, systems, and transforms. Additionally differential equations will be taken with it. I am assuming there is a standard for the contents of each course, if needed I can put what each class covers at my uni.

    If anyone can tell me if this is possible I would greatly appreciate it.
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    Thinking back to our signals and systems course not having circuits 2 wouldn't have been a big deal. It helped now and then but I'm sure its stuff you could figure out on your own.

    However not having DE's that could have been a bit more of a challenge.
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    I just want to note that he will be taking DE in parralell with signals and systems.
    Elekromatik, you may have to learn some DE material a few weeks in advance for your signals class.

    I would say for you to get a DSP design internship at the very least you have to have a grasp on DFTs and FFTs. I learned those in signals and systems 2. My signals and systems 1 was all continuous (Fourier transforms, Laplace, etc)
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    Alright guys, since you say it is doable I'll go ahead and e-mail the professor and see if he'll let me. Thanks!
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