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Is it possible for heat to be a physical form?

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    By physical form I mean stored chemical or actual be a physical thing you can touch. Yes I understand it already is a physical form in atoms but I mean is it possible to have a jar of heat.
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    You mean like Sterno?
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    No, you can't have a jar of heat. You also can't have a jar of blue (although you can have a jar of blue paint), you can't have a jar of speed, you can't have a jar of acceleration and you can't have a jar of logic. Plenty of things that can't be jarred.
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    The phlogiston theory has been falsified by the experimental observation that heat can be produced in any amount without consuming any other substances. One might consider phonons to be heat-particles but I wouldn't call that a chemical.
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    Well, I always use a bucket of BTUs to warm up on those cold mornings. :rolleyes:

    But be careful touching the bucket - you can burn yourself. It is full of heat after all. :wink:
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