Is it possible to convert heat to electricity using Peltier Module?

  1. I need to know because i need a chip that is a conductor and absorbs heat then converts it to electricity.
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    if you have a gas powered appliance in your home you have suh a device. it's the "thermopile" that is in the pilot lihjy flame. it makes a small amount of power to hold the gas valve open vial a small electromagnet, and if pilot light goes out the gas supply is shut off.

    you can get one from a hardware store or a discarded water heater to tinker with.
    i dont remember the voltage they make but i doubt it's more than two volts.
  5. Thank you for the response!

    I was looking for the chip that can absorb waste heat from any conductors then convert it to electricity... I'm not very sure if it's the peltier module.
  6. Your looking for a thermopile.

    A thermopile looks kind of like a peltier plate. It's composed of an array of thermocouples that output electricity when they are exposed to heat.
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