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Is it possible to travel to parallel universes?

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    Is it possible to travel to parallel universes of many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics?
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    Not even remotely. If they DO exist, and I am in the camp that does not believe in them at all, they are causally disconnected from our universe and so cannot even be observed, much less reached.
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    No - Phinds has it right.

    But is must be said science is a strange beast - future progress has the habit of often surprising.

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    Ok. But I would like to know why travel to such universes is not possible. Is there any law of physics or any property that forbid travel between such worlds? What is it?
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    By asking for a law that disproves a hypothesis, you can literally make any claim. How do you know there aren't any heat resisting dinosaurs living at the center of the Sun? Is there any proof they don't exist? :-p
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    Exactly. This is EXACTLY how "science" works on Ancient Aliens. They never make any claims at all, they just say "is it possible that <utter crap> might be true" strongly implying that it IS true but never saying so. They then use that "truth" to go on to even more ridiculous claims, still couched in the same formulaic cop-out way.
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    The original question has been answered, so this thread can be closed.
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