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Is it possible

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    Okay, I dont know if this is the proper place for this or not, so if it needs moved, move it. But heres my question. If the EM spectrum has no upper limit. Is it possible to have a waveform who's wavelength is twice the size of the known universe? This would put the observable universe within just the crest of this wave. And if the answer is "theoretically yes". Isnt it possible that every part of the electromagnetic spectrum exists underneath, or within, this waveform? I know this may sound stupid, or "crack pot" ish, but please, humor me, and we can delete the thread later if its that offensive.
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    You're mixing two differents types of "waves" In the first part of your statment, you are refering to classical E&M waves. In the second part, you are talking about the QM wavefunction. Although they both obey the properties of waves, they are waves made of entirely different "stuff".
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