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Is it too much

  1. Apr 16, 2007 #1
    i am studing physics and i
    Sign up for this courses and I think it is to much:
    1st year:
    Introduction to physics I
    Introduction to physics II
    Mathematic (matrixes)
    Mathematic (Calculus & Analysis)
    Mathematic (matrixes & Vectors)
    Mathematic (probability theory)
    Introduction to chemistry & Thermodynamics
    Introduction to nuclear physics
    Magnetism & electricity part I
    Electrical networks.
    Classic light theory

    2nd year:
    Analysis & static mechanics
    Introduction to quantum theories
    Magnetism & electricity part II (advanced)
    Classic electromagnetism theory
    Mathematic (complex numbers)
    Waves & vibration
    Advanced Mathematic
    Basic of computer
    Computer programming
    Mathematic (statistics science)

    3rd year:
    Quantum mechanics part I
    Quantum mechanics part II
    General theory of relativity
    Mathematic (error functions)
    Advanced thermodynamics (Fermi-Dirac, Bose-Einstein, maxwal- )
    Light & laser physics
    Nuclear physics
    Mathematic (special functions: gamma, beta, etc…)
    Introduction to solid State physics
    Solid State physics part I
    Electronics part I
    Statistic Physics

    I finished all this Courses
    So what I need in the 4th year To specialize in solid state physics

    and thank you for your help.:rolleyes:
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  3. Apr 16, 2007 #2
    Are you planning to become an experimentalist or a theorist? From your coursework to date, I would infer that you are planning to become a theorist. In that case, you will at least want to take graduate-level classical mechanics, classical electrodynamics, quantum mechanics, statistical mechanics, and solid-state/condensed-matter. I have heard that some background quantum field theory may be helpful as well. Additional coursework can be chosen based on your desired specialization within solid-state (semiconductors, magnetic materials, superconductivity, etc.)
  4. Apr 16, 2007 #3
    Wow....that's a lot of courses.... :rolleyes:

    Don't you need to take classes in literature, social science, etc?
  5. Apr 16, 2007 #4
    Is it even possible to take all those courses? Most schools require you to look pass your field and the second question is why? You are taking on a stress level that is not needed or advisable.
  6. Apr 17, 2007 #5
    that load looks like a heart attack waiting to happen.
  7. Apr 17, 2007 #6


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    from his post i gather it already happened.
  8. Apr 18, 2007 #7
    thank you all
    and yes the heart attack is coming in the 4th year
    because i am Signing up for 10 classes but i dont know what i chous??????
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  9. Apr 18, 2007 #8
    There's no way you can learn all of those subjects thoroughly and deeply when taking so many courses....take a lighter load so you can think about the subject matter with a little more depth.
  10. Apr 18, 2007 #9
    Why not just add PhD thesis in year 4 and be done with it?
  11. Apr 18, 2007 #10


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    I'm going to have to agree with cyrus, assuming you want to be a successful physicist.

    But I'm confused - have you taken all these courses or not? Your beginning says you 'sign up for this courses,' and ask if it is too much, but then say 'I finished all this courses.'
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