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Is the air in a room an ideal gas?

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    Is the air in a room an ideal gas? How do you know this?

    How does this compare to the density of air at room temperature?

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    this can probably go into the General Physics or Classical Physics forum.

    air at room temp is pretty close to an ideal gas because its temp is much higher than its boiling point.
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    Ok sorry,

    thanks a lot
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    it is an ideal gas because the weird forces of attraction and repulsion (Such as hydrogen bonding, diploe-dipole stuff) have very little effect at this temperature, pressure and volume. This is true because the molecules in this gas have enough distance in b/w them at this P,V,T.

    Density doesnt really directly have anything to do with this. rho = m/V = (n*MM)/V, the only variable here is V, so density is proportional to the volume, but it as i mentioned above it is the distance b/w the molules that matters, and this of course is related to the density, so thats how the density factors in.

    Hope that helps
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