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Is the electron leaving the "machine" in the double-slit experiment the same one hitting the screen?

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    (OP) As famously known, Feynman states that the single electron used in the double-slit experiment takes every possible path simultaneously before coming to the final goal which is the phosphorescent screen. My question is: How sure are we that this electron really is the one that left the "machine"? Please explain shortly if this is proved. Sorry if the question (or the english) sounds stupid, I'm a newbie to both the quantum mechanics as well as english. :)
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    Hello Jens and welcome to PF!

    This thread is meant to introduce yourself to the community. Please post your question in
    or even better search our forum and Insights for "double-slit".
    I'm sure you will find plenty of threads that deal with this subject and possibly find an answer.
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