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Medical Is the monitor (of your PC) destroying your eyes?

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    Is the monitor (of your PC) "destroying" your eyes?

    Hello! :smile:

    I have one question for you.

    Is the monitor (of your PC) "destroying" your eyes?

    Are there any research or statistics relating this question?

    Thank you.
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    Re: Is the monitor (of your PC) "destroying" your eyes?

    Now where did the opthamologist who was in here asking questions last week run off to when we need him?

    My understanding is the biggest problem is eye strain, i.e., fatigue of the muscles controlling the eye, and not anything irreversible. I don't have any studies to support this though.
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    Re: Is the monitor (of your PC) "destroying" your eyes?

    Your monitor cannot "destroy" your vision. If you spend lots of time staring at a display that is a fixed distance, you can experience a restriction in focusing ability. It's a great if you can set your monitor in front of a window looking outdoors so that you can focus on more distant subjects or at a minimum, set a mirror over the monitor that is aimed at a nice picture on the wall in back of you. These strategies let you focus at different distances all day long, as long as you use them.
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    Re: Is the monitor (of your PC) "destroying" your eyes?

    Yes that is correct I believe. I recall there once were some anecdotals about causing cataracts, but radiation off the front of a CRT is less than you would expect from sitting next to a brick wall once you get more than a tiny distance away, if even that could be a cause.

    I read a report too about hemorrhoids being another potential contra-indication (based on sitting long hours and potentially having a CRT behind you exhausting heat on your chair). But that was another annecdotal and likely something promoted by union workers for bargaining purposes. I'm not sure that there would be any radiative (save photons of course) from flat panel screens. So I think all of these myths have been discarded and dismissed at this point.

    But certainly sitting long hours and staring at one thing is not generally in your best health interests. And from that point of view you may consider that variety is more than the spice of life.
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    Re: Is the monitor (of your PC) "destroying" your eyes?

    And can it cause damage to my eyesight?
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