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Is there a generic transistor model for Capture CIS?

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    I have been searching for a generic model of MOSFET/BJT transistors for Capture CIS. I would like something where I can easily edit K, V-Threshold, and B_f (beta-f) without messing with channel lengths and widths and such.

    Does anyone know where I can download such a thing?
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    Capture CIS is a schematic capture tool. Are you saying you are hooking it up to a circuit simulator?

    MOSFET behaviors are strongly dependent on W and L. BJT behaviors depend on a handful of basic parameters starting at Ebers-Moll or Gummel-Poon as minimums.

    The defaults used by various SPICEs are probably good enough if you don't care much about specific implementation. They give "reasonable" behaviors for circa 1970 era available discrete parts (e.g. 2N3406/2N2222 BJT levels of performance for the default BJT parameters).

    I don't know the ins-and-outs to stuffing Capture CIS with model parameters or of hooking it up to a circuit simulator.
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    I understand that the behaviors are dependent on W and L. In colleges however, transistors are generally characterized by K (conductance parameter), a threshold voltage, and an early voltage (Va) which all depend on W and L and a few properties of the materials. This is to make the analysis generally more intuitive.

    I did err about Capture CIS. I use it somewhat interchangeably with PSPICE for schematic capture and simulation. How can I go about making my own PSPICE models then?
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    Do you have the BREAKOUT library? The models in there are very generic and the parameters you mentioned can be edited. For example, this a model I used for an assignment not too long ago-

    .model Mbreakn NMOS VTO=1 KP=4E-3 W=1 L=1 LAMBDA = .1

    I'm pretty sure that's what you're looking for.
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