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Is There A Limit To Mental Reprogramming?

  1. Nov 2, 2004 #1
    well i know most of you know that the body and possibly the world you live in is partly subjective to the mind(i dont believe it is absolute, yin/yang, blah blah). well anyways, i was curious as to what the mind can really do to the body. i mean i always read about hypnosis doing little things, well they might not be small to some but what can reprogramming the mind really do. could you release some latent abilities within us all, could you heal yourself from anyone wound, the questions are infinite.

    obviously i dont think the people in here are about to say hey look at me and what i did, but i was just curious as to what you think about this subject.

    do you think anything is possible with some subconscious reprogramming, if not, then what is the limiter?

    if the world is a super hologram of sort, then anything should be possible right. maybe this is a little philosophical but lets get back to the basic root of the question, is it possible to achieve greater manifestations of the mind/body, then the basic, "make me happy".

    have any of you read about the montauk superman project, although it sounds fictional, from the script i read of the guy and the interviewer, i would like to just know your opinion, and your opinion on the manchurian candidate.

    i guess getting into more aspects of life is inevitable to answer my questions, so by all means, let loose your thoughts.

    i just believe that if the mind is an ultimate processer of reality and the the human body, then reprogramming it through hypnosis or any type of mind reprogramming exercises should have a large effect on the user, and like i said before, if not, then why?
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    I disagree... I believe reality is purely subjective. If you had the "ultimate" convincing machine, that could convince someone of anything, you could make someone who (for example) was shot in the stomach believe he could heal himself. While yes he would die, he would believe that he dies of another reason.. so it goes.

    But the thing is, there is no 'ultimate' convinving machine... you personally have ability to reprogram anyone's mind - your mere existance does that. But the key is, you cannot really control how that person's mind is altered, given that their existence also alters your own.

    And to make someone permanently happy would also be possible, just hook up the neurons in their face to make a continous smile. They would look happy, you think they're happy, so they are happy... aren't they?

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