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Is there a loss of electrons in a generator circuit?

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    I have studied electrical engineering, and I've seen some discussion about this question in general. However, the question that I have on potential loss of electrons in a generator circuit is a little more specific.

    Is the energy that is transferred/generated purely produced by the movement of electrons in an AC current, OR is there any conversion of electrons into energy (through electronics plugged into the circuit, heat, sparks, etc.)? In a grounded circuit (or one that is not in a vacuum) maybe it doesn't matter, but in a vacuum, would it be theoretically possible for the circuit to eventually run out of electrons and not be able to run?

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    Nope. No electrons are lost to produce either AC or DC electricity. There may be something else in the circuit that transfers electrons to or from the circuit (usually by accident), but this is not a product of a properly functioning generator or other voltage/current source.
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