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I Is there an alternative theory to dark matter?

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    My physics teacher, who dislikes the idea of dark matter, told me that a physicist created an alternative explanation to the phenomena caused by dark matter.

    Is there something I missed on the news?

    What is the alternative theory to dark matter and how does it explain 'things' ?
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    Its called modified gravity which is actually an umbrella term for any attempt to modify general relativity at large scales. Right now experimental evidence is not enough to favor one approach over the other.
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    Vanadium 50

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    Sure there is. Look at the number of dark matter publications vs. modified gravity publications. The fact of the matter is that there is no theory of modified gravity consistent with all the data.
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    Publications reporting direct experimental detection of actual dark matter are rather less numerous. :confused:
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    Of course this is true. But, as Vanadium50 pointed out, the dark matter hypothesis is consistent with the experimental data, while there is no modified gravity theory which is consistent with the data.
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    Nobody likes the idea of dark matter, but no point in complaining unless there is a better idea.
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