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Is there any development in different type of computer gaming?

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    Nowadays, the most common computer games need u to use ur hands and fingers (i.e. keyboard and mouse). Or another type of gaming, VR which is less common. But is there any development of gaming taht just use ur brain thinking power to play?
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    In the near future there might be. The technology is already available. Some patients (victims of paralysis) have had small receptors implanted in the inside of their brains such that they can measure brain activity that would lead to movement, for example. Patients use this technology to be able to move a mouse purely with thought. The integration of man & machine is inevitable because of how similar they are.
    I can imagine at one point you'll be able to have a device that can perform mathematical functions implemented on the external area of your cranium and whose functions you can query using thought alone, and recieve the return values, again with thought alone (the returning of values would be a much harder thing to implement, but not impossible).
    So the technology for the kind of games you mention is being developed even if not currently for the purposes of a game.
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