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Is there torque involved in lifting a pot

  1. Jan 16, 2015 #1
    Is there torque involved when you to lift a pot from table level to the level of your mouth. Because somebody (kaitlyn richelle) mentioned in her blog about lifting a pot and how she lacked torque.
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    Imagine sitting in a chair and lifting your feet off the ground. Now lift a 20lb. pot off the table (not sure why she's drinking from a plant pot, but that's her business).

    Without your feet on the floor, you will pitch forward and the pot will crash back down on the table.

    Though it's kind of more like you have no leverage, and it's the pot that applies torque to you.
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    I can't think of a way to lift the pot by hand without torque being involved somehow. It's the way your body works. Forearms are basically levers with a pivot at your elbow.
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