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Is this bad?

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    I have never encountered this before, and I am a little bit scared. :cry:
    Just this morning, when I signed on to Yahoo! Messenger, a few minutes later, there was a message appear telling me that:
    "You have been signed out because you signed in on a different computer or device." :confused:
    This is just impossible, right? I never let anyone know my password, and my password is composed of 11 characters, and symbols to form a meaningless word. So how can one get into my account?
    What should I do now? Should I change my password to a longer one?
    If suspect there's something not good is lying somewhere on my computer, how can I sweep that fu*king thing out?
    I used NOD32, but is it good enough? Should I consider Norton Antivirus?
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    I'd contact Yahoo immediatly.
    Find out what the can tell you.

    Are you on wireless?
    Someone could have tapped into that.
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    There is a possiblity of a keylogger. However, DO NOT USE NORTON ANTIVIRUS. The damned thing is virus in itself. Use http://fileforum.betanews.com/sendfile/1043809773/1/spybotsd14.exe". Those should get rid of any/notify you of any keylogger (or other virus/spyware/worm/malware, et cetra). Promptly remove any files it picks up, and change your password. If the problem presists, buy AVG and search for other anti-virus software.
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    Well, i have both trillian and YM on my computer. Sometimes, i sign in using Yahoo Messenger first. But then i open Trillian and i was sign off automatically and sign in in trillian instead. Could u be taht u are loggin in using other programme as well?
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    Huh. I encounter this with Hotmail occasionally. Are you telling me that this is an indication of a virus?

    "DO NOT USE NORTON ANTIVIRUS. The damned thing is virus in itself. "
    Why do you say this? Looking for objectivity here.
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    Well, I didn't mean it literally. It's just Norton does a horrific job scanning, sucks up memory (at times and more so the other software), detects other anti-virus software as 'a virus' (more like a threat to the market that they are currently king of), and if it actually detects something, it hardly ever completey deletes it. There has also been evidence that some parts of Norton can be classified as a rootkit.

    On top of all that, the programs I listed in my other post (and some others) are so much better then Norton, and the only way to really see this is to use them yourself. Plus, those versions are 'only' the free ones and are already that much better then Norton.

    In response to the similair issue you have with Hotmail - yes, it is quite possible. Sometimes it is just from leaving it on at a different location, or it my just 'glitch out' sometimes and log you out, stating the other computer reason (or some other bizarrity). Whenever you see this, however, it is quite possible it could be from a keylogger, virus, or other software implanted on your PC. This is why I would recommend doing those steps from my previous post just to ensure it is not a virus, keylogger, etc. So, is it positively a virus? No, but it is possible and it is better to check.
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    You will probably find that there is another Leigite program/process working in the background that has be given permission to sign into yahoo maybe looking for messages or emails for you.
    Load up task manager and see if there is any processes running which could be automatically signing you in when you go on the internet.

    Also what is your homepage and is it yahoo or when yahoo homepage loads up has it got permission to log you automatically into yahoo mail which i think it can do. a different process to messenger but still yahoo and so when you run messenger and try to sign in it see's that your already signed into yahoo and reports as your already signed in at a different location.

    HOTMAIL does it as i believe xp logs you in automatically when you go on the internet if you have hotmail email account etc and so when you load up messenger and try to log in it tells you that you have already logged on.
    Its Something like that anyway, i very very very much doubt it is a virus.

    And there is nothing wrong with norton i have used it for years with no problems.
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    Perhaps 'there is nothing wrong with it', but it is a horrible piece of anti-virus software and a waste of your money. AVG Free (or one of the regular, paid for, AVG editions) destroys Norton. Plus, there are tons of other free software for computer protection. And as I said, it may not be a virus, but something Micky stated, but it is always good to be extra safe in that circumstance.
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    I dunno, but it seems so, as I never get that message before. I think that there might be someone logging onto my account when I am online. However, this can also be an error from Yahoo!. Who knows? :rolleyes:
    Yes, I have tried AVG Free, it's pretty good. I scans a little bit slower than NOD32. It took me about an hour when NOD 32 took me only 30 minutes. And it does detect 1 virus, and 2 jordam horses, whereas NOD32 says that there's no threats... :confused:
    And I think I am going to change my password to some longer one, just to be a little bit more secure.
    Anyway, just curious, I wanna ask you guys which anti-virus softwares you like best.
    Thanks, :smile:
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