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Isomer of butene

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    this website only shows 5 isomer for butene. which is 1-butene, 2-butene(cis and trans), 2-methylpropene, cyclobutane. but i have 1 extra compared to the website which is 1-methyl-propene. I correct or the website correct?

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    1-methyl-propene is equivalent of either 1-butene or 2-butene. I am not sure of which, as it is not clear to me where do you want to put the methyl.
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    Putting the methyl on the #1 carbon of the propene makes the carbon skeleton 4 carbons long and linear - the same as 2-butene.
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    here's is it. i'm not sure whether the name is correct or not.

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    And how the structure in your image is different from butene-1?
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    The names seems to be confused about exactly which carbon on the propene skeleton is the #1 carbon.
    By convention, the #1 carbon in propene is the one on the end that has the double bond to its neighbor.
    That said, you have attached a substituent group (methyl) to the #3 carbon, not the #1 carbon.
    If the substituent were anything that did not have a carbon attaching to the propene, then the nomenclature should be somethhing like 3-[substituent]propene.
    For example 3-bromopropene or 3-ethoxypropene.
    Since you have attached another carbon to the 3-carbon chain of the propene, your carbon skeleton is now longer, and the name propene no longer applies.
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