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ITouch application: disable video, keep audio saving battery life

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    I have a first generation Apple iTouch 16 GB, and frequently download podcasts to watch and listen to. With over 1 million applications written, I have searched in vain to locate an application that will allow you to launch a video, and instead of displaying video and audio to suppress the video, allowing you to listen to the audio while bicycling/exercising, etc... saving battery life.

    Has such an application been written, and if so what is it's name so I can purchase/download from iTunes ?

    Thanks in advance...

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    I have a work buddy, who has just downloaded the SDK to develop iPod applications.

    He is going to attempt to research and write the application I requested in the above post.

    I told him if he sells it to iTunes I get a one time royalty fee. lol

    I will report back if he succeeds in creating it.

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