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I've noticed that gears play the major part in supplying energy

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    Iv'e noticed that gears play the major part in supplying energy -- that even though we can get energy through solar-wind-water applications -- with the exception of solar energy -- we are grounded to converting this energy into mechanical energy.

    Is there a way to tap into electro-magnetism without gears ? can i just have a magnet spin fast enough in a coil to produce enough energy to demand without gears?
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    Re: Mag-electro

    Your question makes no sense. Try again.
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    Re: Mag-electro

    I think the OP is asking if you need gears to get some sort of useful energy from electromagnetism. The answer is "no."
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    Re: Mag-electro

    are you speaking about kinetic watches? b/c its only a little gear acting as a pivot point to an off-center weight. and what about wind? why the gears too? the flashlight that you shake?

    are you speaking of this as useful energy? at best 4 volts. not useful
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