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Ive to work out the uncertainties for youngs modulus.would i take

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    Ive to work out the uncertainties for youngs modulus.

    would i take all 4 measurements and mutliply then devide by 4 ?

    would 1.788m have an uncertain if +/- 0.01 ?

    how would i get the uncertainties from 5.73x10-3

    im very confused and my tutor isnt helpful at all.
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    Re: uncertainties

    Basicly my stress and strain are

    A = 5.73 x 10-3
    L = 1.788m
    F = 8.829 kg m s-1
    e = 6.36cm or 6.36x10-1m

    youngs modulus is 6.02x10(10) Pa
    ive to find the % uncertainty in the Young Modulus value
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