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Jackson Pollock Figure Drawing

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    My art teacher gave an assignment to us to find 2 examples of some of Jackson Pollock's Figure Drawing, ie art with reconizable human forms in it be it painting, drawing, what have you.

    Most Jackson Pollock is Know for his abstract stuff, making it very hard for me to find anything that even gets close to reconizable human forms in his art.
    Anyone know of any?

    One hint we got was that supposidly, he was very much into Mythology in his early days. Perhaps he painted some Greek gods?
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    Have you looked at the painting called "The Moon-Woman Cuts the Circle"? I think there is a series of those paintings. They're to do with a North American Indian myth.
    You have to look hard to find the figures though, and their faces are the most obvious
    Hope this helps you :)
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