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Homework Help: Java program won't compile

  1. Mar 10, 2008 #1
    Supposed to make a program that displays an entered name and date, etc, but it won't run.

    Code (Text):
    import java.util.*;
    import java.text.*;
    import javax.swing.*;

    public class ch2NameAndDate {

        public static void main(String[] args) {
            // Input the first, middle, and last name
            // Display the name and the date.
            String firstNameString, middleNameString, lastNameString;
            //Create a Scanner object
            Scanner inputScanner = new Scanner(System.in);
            //Objects needed for date.
            Date todayDate = new Date();
            SimpleDateFormat formattingSimpleDateFormat=
                new SimpleDateFormat("MMMM dd yyyy");
            //Input the data
            System.out.print("enter your First name  ");
            firstNameString = inputScanner.next();
            //firstNameString = JOptionPane.showInputDialog("Enter your First Name");
            //middleNameString enter middle name.
            System.out.print("enter your Middle name  ");
            middleNameString = inputScanner.next();

            //lastNameString = JOptionPane.showInputDialog("enter your Last name");
            System.out.print("Enter your Last name ");
            lastNameString = inputScanner.next();
            //Print out first, middle, and last name with date.  
            System.out.println("Hello" + lastNameString + "," + " " + firstNameString + " " + str.substring(0); + "." + "today is " +

    I tried running it and eclipse said:
    Code (Text):
    java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: NameAndDate
    Exception in thread "main"
    what's wrong? I thought I declared the class in the code.
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    Let me guess -- you saved the file as NameAndDate.java? If so, then it expects to find a class named NameAndDate in the file... and that's not the name of the class you defined.
  4. Mar 10, 2008 #3
    Ahh, thanks. That fixed the problem.
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