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Job Opportunities in Astrophysics/astronomy vs. Aero/Mech Engineering

  1. Dec 5, 2012 #1
    Like the title says, what are the job opportunities in Astrophysics compared to Aerospace or Mechanical Engineering? I would ideally like to go into astrophysics, but I am unsure of the job opportunities once I get out of school. I know that there are jobs at NASA, universities, etc. but are there any other jobs in this field - it seems kind of small field. I would also be happy with engineering, it seems to be a very diverse field with many opportunities.

    I am a sophomore in high school, so I still have lots of time to decide.

    Thanks for your help
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    Astrophysics is a small field. We work for colleges and universities, national labs and observatories and NASA. There aren't a ton of jobs, so you take what you can get and don't get much choice in where you end up living. There are a lot more jobs in engineering, and they tend to pay more than astrophysics with only a bachelors (astrophysics requires a PhD for almost all jobs). You don't do it unless you love it.
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